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Thu Jun 21 03:43:01 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 7:02 AM, Lynn Steven Killingsworth <
blue.seahorse.syndicate at> wrote:

> Hi FreeBSD -
> I have an AMD HD 7950 video card so I am trying to install the latest
> FreeBSD xorg available (7.5.2) for an updated driver.
> When I start make the install immediately stops at MesaLib-7.6.1.tar.gz.
>  I can restart it on a primary using the location given then after a short
> time the install stops at /x11/9menu  (/9menu-1.8.shar.gz)  I can also
> attempt to restart this on a couple of servers but after a trip around the
> world my install still stops at /x11/9menu

Post the error messages so we can tell what is going on instead of what you
think is going on.   A few tips:

*  Use a port managament tool, preferably portmaster.
*   set RANDOMIZE_MASTER_SITES in /etc/make.conf to force trying different
download locations.
*  You may be interested in sysutils/fastest_cvsup

Adam Vande More

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