New to FreeBSD - Some questions

Fred Morcos fred.morcos at
Wed Jun 20 12:32:45 UTC 2012

Hello all,

I am new to FreeBSD, coming from a GNU/Linux background (most
comfortable with Archlinux). I compiled a series of questions I would
like to ask in different areas and categories. Should I send them all
in a single email message or should I split them by subject/topic into
different emails?

The advantage of the former is that I will be able to easily show
relations between the different topics and questions (put them into
context) as well as articulate the setup I would like to reach. The
advantage of the latter is that it is cleaner and simpler to answer
one question by one.

Also, I have done a bit of poking around to answer each of my own
questions, obviously with no luck, so I do not mind RTFM-ing - I would
actually prefer it, please feel free to link me to an article,
tutorial, man page or handbook that already answers one or more


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