Error in latest KDE4 install attempt

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Tue Jun 19 05:36:13 UTC 2012

> At 12a Tuesday (6/19) I decided to try installing KDE4 again.  When I tried 
> to change directory to /x11/kde4 the directory did not exist.  I decided to

because it does not exist. /usr/ports/x11/kde4 exist.

> try to install from my FreeBSD 9 disk at this point.  In about 10 sec the 
> install told me that it was unable to install 'qt4-svg-4.7.4'
what was a message?

> I then decided to update my ports collection with portsnap.  When the fetch 
> command was downloading the 4 updated metapackages I twice received this 
> error [snapshot is corrupt gnuzip (stdin)]
isn't something (ftp/http proxy) on route corrupting data? i NEVER got 
such a message.

rm -rf /var/db/portsnap
and portsnap fetch

check if you will get corruption. if so - something must be wrong within 
your network enviromnent.

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