FreeBSD 8.3 + MySQL 5.0.95

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Jun 13 20:59:27 UTC 2012

Hi Simon

> Thanks Julian. The reason for freebsd-questions is because when I looked
> thru isp, database, and performance, and few others, they had one or two
> threads a month with barely much input.

Yup, isp@ is quiet, some other lists too, doesn't necessarily mean
there'snot good people listening, though I suspect total sub. # on
isp@ might be low.

> I figured I would reach more people
> on this list.

Certainly lots, but some specialist lists have good people
listening, & less troll noise than lately on questions at .

> The reason why I didn't use freebsd-hackers is because I thought
> perhaps this was somewhat trivial, like I was overlooking something, but I
> guess not. Next time I'll just use that list instead. I think it would be my best bet.

Welcome to hackers@ & the rest :-)

PS The one list I periodicaly notice is not quite there,
& or a handbook entry either I think, is something
for all of us who periodically suspect a machine is maybe a bit
sick, & want to give it a damn good thrashing to test it.  Well,
complex issue, & "how long is a piece of string ?" but
there's performance@ & ports@ for ideas & tools etc.  Good luck.

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