FreeBSD 8.3 + MySQL 5.0.95

Simon simon at
Wed Jun 13 20:33:48 UTC 2012

>Yes you too are using the wrong list.
>The questions@ list was created to catch FreeBSD newbies, 
>somewhere to point /etc/motd at.
>	( It's evolved to also deal with _some_ more complex issues
>	'cos some on questions@ failed to move on, & post more
>	complex non beginner issues to the maybe 50+ or more
>	specialist lists. )

>Examples for this topic might include:
>	freebsd-isp at 
>	freebsd-database at
>	freebsd-hackers at
>	freebsd-performance at

>Just 2 clicks from
>Sad how many people don't look, & dump all on questions@,
>breaking the whole point of having 50+ different themed FreeBSD lists.

>Those only using questions@ _Please_ realise there are other lists.
>Read the remits of the other lists & subscribe &/or post those lists
>that match your topic.


Thanks Julian. The reason for freebsd-questions is because when I looked
thru isp, database, and performance, and few others, they had one or two
threads a month with barely much input. I figured I would reach more people
on this list. The reason why I didn't use freebsd-hackers is because I thought
perhaps this was somewhat trivial, like I was overlooking something, but I
guess not. Next time I'll just use that list instead. I think it would be my best bet.


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