Is this something we (as consumers of FreeBSD) need to be aware of?

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Mon Jun 11 20:53:16 UTC 2012

On Mon, 11 Jun 2012 13:44:36 -0600
Chad Perrin articulated:

>> As stated above in my latest response, it is difficult to counter a
>> statement by you since you don't really state anything. You say, "I
>> have heard of such things referred to as being socialist,
>> fascist, ..." (truncated by me) etcetera. Well who the hell hasn't.
>> News flash --  that isn't one. Then you add the "(in at least
>> someone's eyes)" qualifier making it impossible to argue with. A good
>> politician's trick by the way. Are you sure you are not into
>> politics? If it were not for your paranoia, you could probably be a
>> good one. You say nothing and speak volumes. Seriously, look over
>> your postings for the past year. Your "transgressions I haven't even
>> made" and similar statements are reproduced in an alarming number of
>> them.
>The obvious implication here is that you are one of those people who
>makes comments insinuating (or outright claiming) socialist or fascist
>ethics dominating open source communities.  I make no bones about the
>fact I made implicative reference to you in that statement, so you
>don't need to play dumb and pretend you don't know I was pointing out
>your own hypocrisies.
>The "at least in someone's eyes" parenthetical remark was in reference
>to the presumably pejorative character of some remarks people like you
>often make.  Nice job pretending I meant something else with that
>parenthetical remark, though.  Your tendency to (intentionally, I
>think) misrepresent the context of my statements when you fail to find
>a concrete argument to present proves you're a real class act.  What
>"class" that is, I leave as an inference for the reader.

Your paranoia is working overtime now.

>I'm not sure what you're talking about with regard to the
>transgressions I haven't made.  I did not refer to anyone as "mafia"
>in this list, to my recollection, and I would be quite interested in
>seeing verifiable quotes of me saying such a thing.  I similarly do
>not recall expressing a pathological fear of persecution here.  I
>pointed out that one person (not you) failed to say something
>worthwhile in an earlier email, and that another person (you) have
>unreasonable expectations if you really think that you have given
>nobody any reason to call you a troll or refer to what you do as
>flamebaiting when you show up in a FreeBSD community mailing list and
>accuse open source software users and advocates of pejoratively
>socialist, fascist, and otherwise reprehensible behavior in your eyes
>just because they prefer something other than MS Windows, often
>lumping an entire community in with a single noisy individual.

Oh, poor Chad. His feelings are hurt.

Chad, for some reason that totally escapes me at the moment, you feel
as if you are important enough for me to really care what you think.
News flash -- you aren't. I think of you as nothing more than an
incorrigible bore with an inflated ego. Your attempts to portray
yourself as an cognoscente while your persecution complex has pervaded
numerous posts you have responded to has become laughable. Perhaps you
are experiencing hypnagogic hallucinations. You really should consult
an expert in the field although I fear that you would be recalcitrant to
the idea.

It must be sad going through life feeling that everyone is casting
aspersions and heaping maledictions upon you. It is really sad.

Personally, I would much rather have a discussion with Poly. I respect
him, although I don't often agree with him. At least he discusses facts
and doesn't spend his time trying to defend himself against non existent

If you want to reply back with actual facts pertinent to the subject of
this post, fine. Otherwise you are only wasting your time since I will
not play your sad "woe is me" game.

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