XBMC home theater PC

David Collins davidcollins001 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 00:31:24 UTC 2012


I've recently got a Dell Optiplex 760 that I'm using as a home theatre
PC set up with FreeBSD (9.0-STABLE) and XBMC. It's mostly working very
well but there are just a couple of niggles I'd like to work out to
see it working perfectly.

Suspend and resume is working well if the usb modules are
kld(un/)loaded before and after suspend. I've just been gifted a
radeon hd RV610 graphics card which seems quite nice. I'd like to
get the card to work with suspend, but the card doesn't like resume 

If I do a kldunload/kldload on the radeonhd module or don't bother I
see the following errors in /var/log/Xorg.0.log:

> (EE) RADEONHD(0): RHDCSStop: Command Submission backend is not active!
> rhd_crtc.c:586: DxModeRestore: Assertion '!RHD_CHECKDEBUGFLAG(rhdPtr, VGA_SETUP)' failed.
> FatalError re-entered, aborting
> Server aborting


> Segmentation fault: 11 at address 0x4
> Fatal server error:
> Caught signal 11 (Segmentation fault: 11). Server aborting

and in both cases, a load of:


Also there are loads of the following in /var/log/messages:
> Jun  8 21:13:02 xbmc kernel: info: [drm] wait idle failed status : 0xA0003030 0x00000003

Googling for these error messages returns threads dated around 2009. I
would have thought that if this was an issue then it would have been
solved, although they weren't related to suspend/resume.  Has anyone
else seen this error or know of a fix for it? Currency I just restart
the X server on resume.

If the machine is powerd down I am able to WOL to boot the computer,
but if I put the computer into suspend I am not able to. The nic light
is still on but doesn't wake the computer. I'm wondering if this is
the OS not the card in the same way as during a shutdown. Does anyone
know of a solution to this or a work around?

Finally, I think this may be a bit of a shot in the dark, but is it
possible to have a USB event wake the computer? I imagine that the
hardware determines if this is possible (like WOL) and if not all the
USB code has been unloaded from the kernel anyway. I'd still be
interested to hear thoughts though.

David Collins

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