Is this something we (as consumers of FreeBSD) need to be aware of?

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> On 06/06/2012 11:24, Jerry wrote:
> > I think you are in error there Matthew. From what I have read The $99
> > goes to Verisign, not Microsoft - further once paid you can sign as
> > many binaries as you want.
> Having to pay Verisign instead of Microsoft makes no difference: the
> point is why should I have to pay anything to a third party in order to
> run whatever OS I want on a piece of hardware I own?
> $99 as a one-off payment might seem a trivial cost to you, so much so
> that you rather rashly promised to pay that for anyone. I won't hold you
> to it.  Even so, there are several thousand readers of this list.  I
> doubt even you could afford to subsidise very many of them...
> Yes UEFI Secure Boot may have been around for 8 years.  The fact that no
> one has adopted use of it in all that time speaks volumes.
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What will be the usefulness of a security key for an Open Source Operating
System when people are not using mostly "proprietary" binary packages and
nearly all of the supplied binary packages have accompanying sources ?

When FreeBSD is installing a binary package or making a port , it is ALWAYS
checking integrity of installed
parts .

Then is there a necessity of a "Security Key" obtained by paying money ?

In Turkish literature , there is a person named as "Deli Dumrul" means
"Crazy Dumrul" where his name is "Dumrul" .

"Crazy Dumrul" constructed a bridge over a dried river . If any one passes
from the bridge , he was taking money for passing over the bridge for
"Using the Bridge"  , and , if any one is NOT passing from the bridge , and
walking over the dried river , he was taking money for "Not to Use the
Bridge" .

It seems that "History is Repeating" ....

Thank you very much .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk

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