Is this something we (as consumers of FreeBSD) need to be aware of?

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Wed Jun 6 10:47:23 UTC 2012

On 06/06/2012 11:24, Jerry wrote:
> I think you are in error there Matthew. From what I have read The $99
> goes to Verisign, not Microsoft - further once paid you can sign as
> many binaries as you want.

Having to pay Verisign instead of Microsoft makes no difference: the
point is why should I have to pay anything to a third party in order to
run whatever OS I want on a piece of hardware I own?

$99 as a one-off payment might seem a trivial cost to you, so much so
that you rather rashly promised to pay that for anyone. I won't hold you
to it.  Even so, there are several thousand readers of this list.  I
doubt even you could afford to subsidise very many of them...

Yes UEFI Secure Boot may have been around for 8 years.  The fact that no
one has adopted use of it in all that time speaks volumes.



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