Strange case of vanishing disk

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Mon Jun 4 17:23:56 UTC 2012

> I reckon as stated at the beginning that either the 180Watt PSU inside
> the system isn't enough or the controller is just really poor??

well i got through the same.
changing PSU, forced a seller to replace my motherboard (got NEW, not the 
same - checked), checked all cables, even changing disks.

used separate JMicron (as yours) based PCIe controllers, and builtin SATA 
ports on motherboard. things happened randomly. Checked if chipset isn't 
overheating on board - it wasn't.

Then i just got worried and got some money to buy new (low end model) of 
Dell Poweredge.

Things now works with onboard controller, with addon JMicron PCIe (yes the 
same cards), with any cables and all disks i tried before including those 
i considered faulty.

What i think is that it is not controllers fault not disk faults or not 
even CPU/memory/chipset fault but bad motherboard electrical design of 
some motherboard.

Possibly because of just different pattern of operation under windoze 
most clients don't have such a problem and motherboard are continued to be 
cheaply produced.

As formerly failing JMicron controllers are working fine on Dell server 
proves that it isn't FreeBSD fault too.

> Could anyone suggest anything to look into, I'm sure I've covered all
> the bases but just incase there is something else I can do with this one??

Change the motherboard to DIFFERENT.

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