umount device busy

David Whytcross dwhytcross at
Sun Jun 3 15:22:39 UTC 2012

Hi Gary,

if you are using xfce4, then you have most likely got gamin running as well, 
this caused the same problem for me when trying to umount an external USB 

I resolved my umount problem by including the -f switch

#umount -f /mnt/goflex

Dave Whytcross

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Subject: umount device busy

> Something I'm overlooking here and a lot of questions I can't seem to find 
> the answers to...
> I mounted a usb drive
>  mount -t ntfs /dev/da0s1 /mnt/goflex
> Then, as nearly as I can remember...
>  I then poked around a bit using the xfce4 browser.
>  I tried to mkdir from the mount point as a normal user:
>    cd /mnt/goflex
>    %mkdir breakaway
>    mkdir: .: No such file or directory
>  After checking write premissions, which I didn't have,
>  I did an su -l and tried again, with the same results.
> I then tried to unmount the drive, believing it was mounted read-only:
>    #umount /mnt/goflex
>    umount: unmount of /mnt/goflex failed: Device busy
> As nearly as I can tell, I don't have anything pointing at that drive.
> Questions:
> 1.  What does the "No such file or directory" mean from mkdir?
>    It's a relative dir name, and I'm sitting at a valid dir.
> 2.  How do I find out how the file-system was mounted?
>    mount (noargs) does not show read/write status
> 3.  I tried lsof but I don't get any output from it:
>      lsof +d /mnt/goflex -x -- /mnt/goflex
>    Where does it go if not to stdout?
> 4.  lsof has a *long* man page, so I'd like to save it temporarily so I 
> can search it in an editor.  If I do man lsof >temp.tmp the output 
> contains backspace sequences which screw up searching.  How do I get man 
> to produce plain text without the control sequences?
> 5.  The lsof man page references a faq which is supposed to be part of the 
> distribution.
>    find . -ls | grep lsof doesn't show any faq.
> 6.  And finally, any idea why umount says the device is busy?
> Seems like I should have been able to find the answer to at least one of 
> those but I'm coming up short.
> Thanks for relevant pointers,
> Gary
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