Why am I, Still subscribed and reading this list ?

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Sat Jun 2 17:57:35 UTC 2012

Jason Hellenthal wrote:
> Because... at some point it may return to normal without all the
> bikeshedding and, I run because, I don't run because.

Agreed !  Many replies were sent to Wrong lists.

Original poster & respondents abused stable@ & questions@
	Cross posting 2 lists un-necessarily, despite:
			"C.1.3 List Charters
			Rules of the road:
			No posting should be made to more than 2
			mailing lists, and only to 2 when a clear
			and obvious need ..."

		There was a desire, as always, but no need.  (so I
		removed cc: stable@ on this post, to avoid this
		post also breaking that rule, (on the basis that
		stable@ readership are more likely to already know
		about Not cross posting, & using the Right list,
		as questions@ started as a target list to point
		clueless new users to, from /etc/motd.  (It was
		expected as users grew experienced, they'd subscribe
		other lists themed to their interests.)))

	Noise was emitted to lists with wrong remits.
		advocacy at freebsd.org exists for promo. talk inc. re. wiki.

Please read list remits, & conform to them, & subscribe appropriate lists.
		"Furthering the Use of FreeBSD
		Share ideas and plan to increase the number of
		companies and individuals using FreeBSD"
		"This is the mailing list for users of freebsd-stable.
		the stable cvsup target is built from the latest
		official RELEASE with the addition of critical bug fixes."

		"This is the mailing list for questions about FreeBSD.
		You should not send "how to" questions to the
		technical lists unless you consider the question
		to be pretty technical."

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