Mail Reference Manual?

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at
Tue Jul 31 09:45:31 UTC 2012

mail(1) man page mentions the Mail Reference Manual.
The only one I can find is here:
Is this the one? The URL isn't that definitive.
It seems to be in troff. Anybody got the sources
of this document?

Anyway, the description of the "save" command in
this reference manual is correct, while the description
of the same command in mail(1) man page is wrong.
I wanted to copy the relevant fragment from the reference
manual to the man page, if I can find the troff
sources for the reference.

In fact, perhaps it's better to merge the reference
manual into the mail(1) man page completely? Or
at least add the sources into the base OS too?
I understand mail is not very popular these days,
but for me a combination of mail/mpack does all I need.

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