Problem with pkgconf and glib.

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Mon Jul 30 16:21:56 UTC 2012

Jeff Tipton wrote:

> On 07/30/2012 17:19, Christopher Hilton wrote:
>> I'm trying to build emacs with gtk2 on my build box and I'm running into
>> trouble with pkgconf from /usr/ports/devel/pkgconf. The build process
>> dies in devel/gobject-introspection and complains that it cannot find
>> header files for gio-unix-2.0. From what I can see the problem looks like
>> the fact that pkgconf is returning the wrong include path for these
>> header files, running:
> I have the same problem with devel/gobject-introspection. It's also a
> dependecy for Xorg.
> A couple of days ago devel/pkg-config was removed from ports as
> deprecated, and replaced with devel/pkgconf, and consequently the build
> dependencies of many ports were changed. Maybe this recent change is not
> thoroughly worked out?

When I first saw it in UPDATING and did the command I believe it was not 
completely correct, as it did nothing. That was something on the order of 3 
or 4 days ago. Just csup'd today and the command in UPDATING I think 
contained something slightly different, and is now correct.

Before, it did not remove/replace pkg-config. Today it did. Perhaps a ports 
tree refresh and if using portupgrade do this:

portupgrade -fo devel/pkgconf pkg-config-\*

This did remove pkg-config and replace it with pkgconf, like I expected it to 
do 3-4 days ago and didn't.


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