FreeBSD on SSD

Vladimir Videscu vladimir.videscu at
Sat Jul 28 17:19:26 UTC 2012

Hello again everyone.

First of all, I want to address a thank you for your responses. They have
been unexpectedly numerous and have clarified some aspects of my inquiries.

The read-cache idea is very sound, mainly because by using it this way
Seagate would not have to create a special set of instructions for
installing and using the HDD.

My final question would be :

Seeing as the HDD only has a SATA connector, this would mean that the SSD
part already has a memory control device that regulates access to that
sector, whether it is a plain read-cache or not. This would imply that
FreeBSD could communicate with the HDD normally, through the SATA
connector, just like any regular HDD.

Based on that sequence of thought, and the fact that on the System
Requirements page of FreeBSD it says :
   *   "*4.4.1.* What kind of hard drives does FreeBSD support?
                 FreeBSD supports EIDE, SATA [...]",

am I right to assume that there should be no incompatibility or conflict
between the OS and the  drive ?

Thank you in advance, V.

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