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Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Sun Jul 22 21:40:16 UTC 2012

On Sun, 22 Jul 2012 15:31:51 -0500 (CDT)
Robert Bonomi articulated:

> Yes, in theory, they _could_ learn everything they need to know to do
> it themselves, but the list of things that a 'know nothing' Windows
> user has to dig out, understand, and _use_, is incredibly long and
> daunting.

I know plenty of "dumber than dirt" *.nix users too. Stupidity is not
limited to race, color, sex or operating system. Actually, they are
smart enough to get themselves an OS that actually works with virtually
all modern hardware and without having to spend countless [hours | days
| weeks] attempting to getting such hardware up and running before
eventually giving up in some cases. You might have heard about "N"
protocol wireless devices that until fairly recently FreeBSD didn't even
know existed. Even now the support is limited; however, that is another

In any case, that is not the subject of this this reply. I have found
"HDDerase.exe" <http://cmrr.ucsd.edu/people/Hughes/SecureErase.shtml>
to be a useful and in the most important criteria to the FOSS crowd,

Seriously though, isn't it about time to close this thread?

Jerry ♔

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