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Sun Jul 22 20:30:20 UTC 2012

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> Subject: Re: fsck on FAT32 filesystem?
> >
> > Let us securely erase your personal files and pictures for only $49.99.
> and securely copy everything interesting before.
> That's truly funny. Someone DO CARE about his/her data being deleted, 
> and... lets someone else in random shop to do this.

And exactly what alternatives _do_ you see for someone who DOES NOT HAVE
THE SKILLS, TOOLS, OR RESOURCES, to 'do it themselves'?

That's a serious question, not an attack.

If someone wants it done, but doesn't have the knowledge/tools/etc. to
do it themselves, it appears to me that they have precisely two realistic
   1) Trust "somebody" to do it, and do it right,
   2) simpl DON'T do it.

Putting together what is required to "do it yourself" _is_ out of the
question for _most_ Windows users.   They don't know _what_ they need to
know/learn/have to do the task. Heck they don't know how to find out *what*
they need to find out, to learn what is needed to do the task.

Yes, in theory, they _could_ learn everything they need to know to do it
themselves, but the list of things that a 'know nothing' Windows user has
to dig out, understand, and _use_, is incredibly long and daunting.

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