FreeBSD vs Hurd what is the differences?

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IamTrying wrote:
> - Does anyone know if FreeBSD core
> developers left FreeBSD to work in Google? What will be the future of
> FreeBSD and Google?
> FreeBSD vs Hurd what is the differences? Is this Hurd now made for Google by
> FreeBSD?

Additional to all the useful things Matthew wrote, I'd add:

"IamTrying" could/should have read such Basic stuff on many webs/
search engines, inc Wikipedia. no need to ask here: More efficient
for community if "IamTrying" read there.  Less writing work, per
more readers, & more carefully researched & cross checked & linked
facts etc.

My memory:
  Hurd for many years was GNU/FSF's dream / vapourware OS, a few bits
  but not a complete OS (kernel, compiler, cd /usr/src ; make world
  ) most of us ignored it & got on with BSD lcensed BSD code.  Later
  Linux arrived, maybe a decade later Hurd finaly arrived as an OS
  no longer bits; most of us in BSD continued to ignore it.  It's
  FSF, we in BSD prefer BSD licenced stuff.
	"GNU General Public License"

Minix3 exists too. Yup Minix isn't dead

Mach exists or use to, various  OSs if you're browsing:
Includes ref. to google chrome.
Have fun reading :-)

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