FreeBSD vs Hurd what is the differences?

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Wed Jul 4 13:58:45 UTC 2012

On 04/07/2012 13:47, IamTrying wrote:
> - Does anyone know if FreeBSD core
> developers left FreeBSD to work in Google? What will be the future of
> FreeBSD and Google?

Yes, there are some FreeBSD developers who have gone to work for Google
and have subsequently not been particularly active in the FreeBSD
project.  Same goes for Apple -- case in point being Jordan Hubbard, one
time pretty much the leader of the FreeBSD project, now some incredibly
important bod within Apple.

It doesn't always happen that way round.  Ben Laurie, for instance, had
been working for Google for many years before becoming a FreeBSD
committer.  (Of course, his involvement with Apache and OpenSSL long
pre-dated his joining Google.)

Developers come and go, and always have done.  It's the same for any
reasonably long-lived open source project.  Nothing new and nothing to
be alarmed at.

> FreeBSD vs Hurd what is the differences? Is this Hurd now made for Google by
> FreeBSD?

FreeBSD and Hurd are two completely different operating systems.  As far
as I know, Google has no particular interest in either of them, although
it does support such projects in general through things like Summer of
Code and sponsoring various collaborations.  See for instance for a project with
a great deal of involvement by both Google and FreeBSD developers.



Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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