Unable to upgrade packages on FreeBSD

David Jackson djackson452 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 17:52:09 UTC 2012

I have tried endlessly to no avail to upgrade binary the packages on
Freebsd to the latest version. I have tried:

*portupgrade -PP -a
*portmaster -PP -a

All fail miserably and totally and have left the system in an unuseable

Why can't FreeBSD just make the package system "just work". Right after
installing FreeBSD I should be able to type a single command such as
update_packages and it should update all packages on the system, with no
errors and without requiring any configurations to be troubleshooted, it
should work out of the box.

Why not? Why is something so simple so difficult and impossible? Ubuntu can
do it, why not FreeBSD?

Why cant FreeBSD  Just make the package upgrades work.

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