Very strange netstat -rna output

Dave dave at
Mon Jan 30 17:45:39 UTC 2012

 I'm having a problem on a server of mine that is acting as a bridge,
that whenever I download from the server itself it's very slow. From
machines going through it's bridge there are no problems.

When looking for what could be the cause, I had a look at my routing
table and saw the following --       0.12.da.44.e4.0    UHLW        2        0 bridge   1200       0.14.c2.60.85.75   UHLW        1       87 bridge   1110   UHLW        1      373    lo0    UHLW        2        0 bridge   1110

As you can see the second column which usually shows a MCA is showing
some rather strange output? What could be the cause of this?


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