When I put up any version of FBSD I usually try to install Maxima ...

Robert Bonomi bonomi at mail.r-bonomi.com
Sun Jan 29 02:03:51 UTC 2012

Roland Smith <rsmith at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 08:09:34PM +0100, Michel Talon wrote:
> > occur, a port maintainer should only include the *strict minimum*
> > dependencies necessary to make the port work, it is not his job to include
> > the whole kitchen sink of dependencies that could be useful in some cases.
> So you would advocate to set all options to off be default? Why not submit a
> PR to that effect?

_I_ would suggest that it might make good sense to have as many as _three_
choices of binary installations for ports with 'lots' (FSVO 'lots' :) of
dependencies -- a 'bare minimums' working version, a 'typical' version, and
an 'including the kitchen sink' version.

Logic:  give the -user- the choice -- DON'T "make it for him"

> And who is to say what is "appropriate", other than the respective maintainers
> of the port in question? In my opinion, packages are a dead-end street. They
> might be convenient but they are also "one size fits all". Which as your
> message demonstrates is not the case. :-)

Three sizes should give a better fit for a lot of people, see above.  <grin>

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