When I put up any version of FBSD I usually try to install Maxima ...

Roland Smith rsmith at xs4all.nl
Sat Jan 28 23:31:21 UTC 2012

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 08:09:34PM +0100, Michel Talon wrote:
> Gnuplot is the prototypical example of a port which is badly managed. There
> are far too many dependencies which are absolutely *non necessary* There is
> absolutely no necessity of having TeX (in any form whatsoever) to run
> Gnuplot. 

Agreed. That is why it is an _option_ now.

> inkscape. But the cherry on the cake is that gnu plot requires pdflib, which
> is a non free library such that the FreeBSD project cannot ship a working
> gnuplot binary (that is gnuplot will not start without libpdf for which one
> needs to download source and compile).

The reliance on pdflib is also an option. But I would agree with you that it
should be off by default, instead of on. I seem to recall that the pdflib
output didn't really work when I tried it, so I dropped it.

> occur, a port maintainer should only include the *strict minimum*
> dependencies necessary to make the port work, it is not his job to include
> the whole kitchen sink of dependencies that could be useful in some cases.

So you would advocate to set all options to off be default? Why not submit a
PR to that effect?

> Similarly maxima has a TeX dependency which has absolutely no reason to be
> here.

Looking at the port Makefile version 1.75 (maxima 5.26.0_1), there is no TeX

> operation). But chasing inappropriate dependencies would be far more useful
> if one wants to arrive at a situation where one can envision to use binary
> packages for most installations of FreeBSD

And who is to say what is "appropriate", other than the respective maintainers
of the port in question? In my opinion, packages are a dead-end street. They
might be convenient but they are also "one size fits all". Which as your
message demonstrates is not the case. :-)

Your post got me thinking, so I checked which terminals are available in a
gnuplot that only includes the options X11, GD and CAIRO:

    canvas            cgm               corel             dpu414
    dumb              dxf               eepic             emf
    emtex             epslatex          epson_180dpi      epson_60dpi
    epson_lx800       fig               gif               gpic
    hp2623a           hp2648            hp500c            hpdj
    hpgl              hpljii            hppj              imagen
    jpeg              latex             mf                mif
    mp                nec_cp6           okidata           pbm
    pcl5              pdfcairo          png               pngcairo
    pop               postscript        pslatex           pstex
    pstricks          push              qms               regis
    starc             svg               tandy_60dpi       tek40xx
    tek410x           texdraw           tgif              tkcanvas
    tpic              vttek             x11               xlib

It seems that PDF (via cairo) and SVG are supported in this case. I haven't
tested SVG, but pdfcairo seems to work OK. 

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