OT: perl mail problems

Da Rock freebsd-questions at herveybayaustralia.com.au
Sat Jan 28 13:43:58 UTC 2012

I know this is not exactly FreeBSD related, but I'm in need of a monk 
that can enlighten me on a sacred incantation to connect perl to an imap 
server using Mail::Box modules :) If it helps people sleep, its all 
running only on FreeBSD systems...

I have googled and searched, and googled some more, and tested, and then 
went back to the drawing board and googled yet again... there is simply 
no clear answer out there. All the docs are very disjointed from my 
reckoning- with no clear direction that explains how you get from a-b.

I have enabled a connection (I think - based on my tests and logs), but 
I cannot get further than that. I have a Mail::Box::Manager 
instantiated, and then I have to use Mail::Box::IMAP4 to open a 
connection to the server. From there I need to get a list of the folders 
available- and thats where I get stymied.

All the docs are pop3 based, or maildir based, or mbox. The imap is very 
sketchy... and what is out there says to basically connect, and then 
there is a jump to folders and messages with no idea of what is involved 
in between. Although I did see one complete example with pop3, but it 
won't work for imap.

One of the biggest problems is the username confuses any other module 
method than the Mail::Box::IMAP4 - the syntax is user at domain, and so if 
I use Mail::Box::Manager it will compile it into a url form ie 
imap4://user@domain:password@mail.server which it obviously barfs on and 
refuses to look beyond user at domain.

I really seem to be missing something fundamental here. I'm only trying 
to create some tools which will handle some situations apparently only 
local to my systems, and improve my perl foo before I start creating 
modules of my own and testing mod_perl.

If someone can help clear this up I'll be happy to communicate off list 
if that is necessary.


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