what are the top python books?

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> > sorry if this is a re-request and a bit OT, buuuuut, it's seriously
> > time i got myself in gear and bought or borrowed a book or CD // DVD
> > that teaches python.
> If you want to learn python, first subscribe to the python tutor
> mailing list. It's pretty much just like the FreeBSD list. In fact, I
> think it uses the same exact software to run it and is configured on
> about the same schedule. (List reminders come the same day.)
> tutor at python.org

	i will do that, tx for the tip.

> Next, the best book I've ever read on python was "Python Essential
> Reference" by "David M. Beazley". It's a very dry book but he covers
> just about everything in the most concise way possible.

	prett sure this is one of the books at the library.  
> For a more basic introduction to the subject I would look at
> www.diveintopython.net (The guy gives away his entire book online -
> And it's pretty good! He's also a frequenter of the python tutor
> list.) Once you get into the flow of things, look at
> www.pythonchallenge.com it makes you use the language to solve
> problems in an interesting way. Then, once you have mad skills check
> out http://projecteuler.net/

	i just heard back from the king county library; it looks
	like they have scanned a bunch of books that i can read
	online [!]  ...in other words, the stuff is there; the work
	of climbing the learning curve is up to *me*.


> Good luck!
> -Modulok-

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