what are the top python books?

Modulok modulok at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 05:03:00 UTC 2012

> sorry if this is a re-request and a bit OT, buuuuut, it's seriously
> time i got myself in gear and bought or borrowed a book or CD // DVD
> that teaches python.

If you want to learn python, first subscribe to the python tutor
mailing list. It's pretty much just like the FreeBSD list. In fact, I
think it uses the same exact software to run it and is configured on
about the same schedule. (List reminders come the same day.)

tutor at python.org

Next, the best book I've ever read on python was "Python Essential
Reference" by "David M. Beazley". It's a very dry book but he covers
just about everything in the most concise way possible.

For a more basic introduction to the subject I would look at
www.diveintopython.net (The guy gives away his entire book online -
And it's pretty good! He's also a frequenter of the python tutor
list.) Once you get into the flow of things, look at
www.pythonchallenge.com it makes you use the language to solve
problems in an interesting way. Then, once you have mad skills check
out http://projecteuler.net/

Good luck!

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