what are the top python books?

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On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 7:00 AM, Roland Smith <rsmith at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 07:39:40PM -0800, Gary Kline wrote:
>> guys,
>> sorry if this is a re-request and a bit OT, buuuuut, it's seriously
>> time i got myself in gear and bought or borrowed a book or CD // DVD
>> that teaches python.  i honestly do prefer ink+paper, but with one
>> hand MIA, i need paperweights!  so if there are books that can be
>> popped into the cd/dvd drawer, that would be  better.
>> i tried to follow some seriously complex python that might not have
>> worked on BSD.  I want something that's good enough to clue me in
>> on how to do that.
> "Learning Python" by Mark Lutz is pretty complete and in-depth
> introduction. But at 1100-odd pages it is quite a hefty tome, though. The
> followup book "Programming Python" by the same author covers various aspects
> like network programming, GUI programming et cetera.
> The online documentation is excellent _for the standard library_ and the
> _tutorial_.
> Also online you can find "Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer
> Scientist", which is a nice introduction
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