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gore koggybsd at comcast.net
Tue Jan 24 02:45:24 UTC 2012

On Monday 23 January 2012 08:45:21 pm Da Rock wrote:
> > Instead of crawling under a Rock, how about everyone here, ALL of
> > the people I've seen in this thread trashing each other; ALL of
> > you, just take 60 seconds, take a DEEP breath, and realize we ARE a
> > Community, which is a lot like a family in some ways. That means we
> > aren't always going to agree with each other, and that we may even
> > want to punch one another in the head from time to time, but, at
> > the least, can all of you who ARE getting pissed off like that, at
> > LEAST be respectfulof one another?
> >
> > God, it's like being on an Ubuntu mailing list with this thread and
> > I WILL NOT stand for that! If I wanted to use shoddy shitty
> > software that some asshole Billionaire ripped off from another OS
> > I'd go buy Windows and pretend I was being bent over.
> ROFL...
> I cant imagine what happened on the ubuntu lists, maybe they were
> throwing foam balls at each other or something...
> This thread to me seems pretty tame though as opposed to some - maybe
> a Nerf match? You should see some of the other linux lists - they
> almost get to the point of using real guns!

Hahaha yea. I've seen a few of those ones. God they get mad. I watched a 
few where I was basically waiting for one to tell the other "This is 
where I live, come over here and kick my nerdy ass!" lol.

> > I don't personally care if everyone here gets along or anything,
> > but I DO care when you start insulting each other over OPINIONS.
> > I'm not going to say that stupid cliche about how everyone has one,
> > because I think it's cheezy, but damn it this is FreeBSD! The most
> > Stable OS on Earth. (If you take into account that you don't need a
> > 40 millon dollar cluster to run it and all that).
> >
> > I've been watching this thread from the start, and I've replied to
> > a few posts myself, but it's like, seriously? You have to insult
> > EVERY person you don't agree with?
> >
> > I don't have an issue with insulting morons. I'd make it a sport if
> > I could and I LOVE being a condescending jerk sometimes. But, on a
> > list such as this, it's making us ALL look bad!
> >
> > So, to all of you taking part in this thread; Can we turn the
> > bashing off for a while? We're FreeBSD users, and I sort of
> > expect... No, I EXPECT that we all can act professional!
> >
> > So, PLEASE, if you have an issue with someone on here, and you want
> > to bash them for it... Why not just reply to their email address
> > instead of the list itself? work it out! Man up! If your pooter
> > hurts; the Vagisil is in the same isle as the Depends. Suck it up!
> ROFL _and_ pissing myself... :)

Oh thank you for getting that :) I was kind of wondering how that would 
get taken and if everyone would get it but thanks lol. I thought it was 

> > (Yes, I'm trying to add humor.... I'm one of those people who can't
> > deal with certain high stress situations so I try and crack jokes
> > and stuff. But yea, I'm a playful person right now because the Oxy
> > kicked in, but yea, can we not bash each other over opinions?).
> >
> > Anyway, I fully understand BOTH sides of what everyone is saying. I
> > really do for the most part. I know that bsdinstall has it's
> > issues, but don't you think that the FreeBSD team is watching this?
> > You know they WILL get it going and fix it up, so just be
> > professional.
> >
> > Make a list of EVERYTHING that EVERYONE doesn't like about
> > bsdinstall, and get the list to the right people who can do
> > something about it. I mean come on.... You HAVE the source....
> > Write something better, or, at least, get the stuff that bugs you
> > to the people in charge. It will be OK!
> >
> > I've been working with BSD since 4.0, do you really think this is
> > the first time something happened where people were upset? Jeez
> > guys.... They'll work it out and we'll be fine, OK?
> You have a point though, and some dignity and tact need to remain;
> and I agree - if you don't like something try and find a way to fix
> it, offer helpful advice/criticism, work with beta versions of the
> installer (or whatever bothers you).

Thank you! :)

BSD user

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