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Tue Jan 24 02:14:34 UTC 2012

On 01/24/12 11:33, gore wrote:
> On Monday 23 January 2012 12:17:33 pm Mark Felder wrote:
>> I've recently been presented with new information: namely that RC3
>> had sysinstall as an option (I did not know this, and I've been
>> reading the lists) and that it was taken away for -RELEASE even
>> though it was agreed upon that would not happen for 9.x.
>> I'll crawl under this rock now.
> Instead of crawling under a Rock, how about everyone here, ALL of the
> people I've seen in this thread trashing each other; ALL of you, just
> take 60 seconds, take a DEEP breath, and realize we ARE a Community,
> which is a lot like a family in some ways. That means we aren't always
> going to agree with each other, and that we may even want to punch one
> another in the head from time to time, but, at the least, can all of
> you who ARE getting pissed off like that, at LEAST be respectfulof one
> another?
> God, it's like being on an Ubuntu mailing list with this thread and I
> WILL NOT stand for that! If I wanted to use shoddy shitty software that
> some asshole Billionaire ripped off from another OS I'd go buy Windows
> and pretend I was being bent over.

I cant imagine what happened on the ubuntu lists, maybe they were 
throwing foam balls at each other or something...

This thread to me seems pretty tame though as opposed to some - maybe a 
Nerf match? You should see some of the other linux lists - they almost 
get to the point of using real guns!
> I don't personally care if everyone here gets along or anything, but I
> DO care when you start insulting each other over OPINIONS. I'm not
> going to say that stupid cliche about how everyone has one, because I
> think it's cheezy, but damn it this is FreeBSD! The most Stable OS on
> Earth. (If you take into account that you don't need a 40 millon dollar
> cluster to run it and all that).
> I've been watching this thread from the start, and I've replied to a few
> posts myself, but it's like, seriously? You have to insult EVERY person
> you don't agree with?
> I don't have an issue with insulting morons. I'd make it a sport if I
> could and I LOVE being a condescending jerk sometimes. But, on a list
> such as this, it's making us ALL look bad!
> So, to all of you taking part in this thread; Can we turn the bashing
> off for a while? We're FreeBSD users, and I sort of expect... No, I
> EXPECT that we all can act professional!
> So, PLEASE, if you have an issue with someone on here, and you want to
> bash them for it... Why not just reply to their email address instead
> of the list itself? work it out! Man up! If your pooter hurts; the
> Vagisil is in the same isle as the Depends. Suck it up!
ROFL _and_ pissing myself... :)
> (Yes, I'm trying to add humor.... I'm one of those people who can't deal
> with certain high stress situations so I try and crack jokes and stuff.
> But yea, I'm a playful person right now because the Oxy kicked in, but
> yea, can we not bash each other over opinions?).
> Anyway, I fully understand BOTH sides of what everyone is saying. I
> really do for the most part. I know that bsdinstall has it's issues,
> but don't you think that the FreeBSD team is watching this? You know
> they WILL get it going and fix it up, so just be professional.
> Make a list of EVERYTHING that EVERYONE doesn't like about bsdinstall,
> and get the list to the right people who can do something about it. I
> mean come on.... You HAVE the source.... Write something better, or, at
> least, get the stuff that bugs you to the people in charge. It will be
> OK!
> I've been working with BSD since 4.0, do you really think this is the
> first time something happened where people were upset? Jeez guys....
> They'll work it out and we'll be fine, OK?
You have a point though, and some dignity and tact need to remain; and I 
agree - if you don't like something try and find a way to fix it, offer 
helpful advice/criticism, work with beta versions of the installer (or 
whatever bothers you).

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