Network throughput

Ott Köstner ottk at
Wed Jan 11 18:56:40 UTC 2012

On 11.01.2012 16:57, Matthew Seaman wrote:
> Yes -- mrtg is nice, but it relies on the snmp interface counters, and 
> in this case with Gb traffic levels a 32bit counter will wrap in a few 
> minutes. mrtg samples the interface counter every 5 minutes IIRC, so 
> would probably be confused by that wrap-around happening at around the 
> same frequency. Unless you switch to using 64bit interface counters, 
> but I don't know if mrtg can cope with integer types that wide... 
> Cheers, Matthew 
Yes, I have seen that wrapping with few hundred megabit port traffic. 
New snmp port has 64 bit counter option. Personally, I have already 
built a new snmp with 64 bit counter option, but not yet tested if it 
works. Maybe somebody here can comment?


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