creating a bootable iso for raid BIOS flash

Marco Beishuizen mbeis at
Sun Jan 8 00:12:08 UTC 2012

On Sun, 8 Jan 2012, the wise Polytropon wrote:

> If this is depending on the name "[BOOT]", there are
> two ways to deal with special characters in file names,
> if you need to specify them on the command line:
> a) use escape sequences:
> 	-b \[BOOT\]/Bootable_HardDisk.img
> b) use quoting:
> 	-b "[BOOT]/Bootable_HardDisk.img"

I used escape sequences and that works. The "no match" error is gone.

> Also read "man mkisofs" about the boot-related
> options, especially -b, where
> 	If  the  boot image is not an image of a floppy, you need to add
> 	one of the options: -hard-disk-boot or  -no-emul-boot.   If  the
> 	system should not boot off the emulated disk, use -no-boot.
> is mentioned. Maybe consider using -G instead of -b?

I tried the -G option and removed the -hard-disk-boot option and now it 
created an iso without errors. The size is still 9MB though. I looked 
inside the original iso and the one generated by me but I really can't see 
any differences.

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