creating a bootable iso for raid BIOS flash

Polytropon freebsd at
Sat Jan 7 23:07:11 UTC 2012

On Fri, 6 Jan 2012 17:22:57 +0100 (CET), Marco Beishuizen wrote:
> After that I tried to create the iso with:
> root at yokozuna:/data2/tmp# mkisofs -r -J -b [BOOT]/Bootable_HardDisk.img 
> -hard-disk-boot -o raid.iso /data2/tmp
> which gives an error: mkisofs: No match
> First I thought the directory name [BOOT] was weird so I changed this to 
> BOOT. Running mkisofs -r -J -b BOOT/Bootable_HardDisk.img -hard-disk-boot 
> -o raid.iso /data2/tmp creates an iso, but when I burn this to a cd it 
> doesn't boot.

If this is depending on the name "[BOOT]", there are
two ways to deal with special characters in file names,
if you need to specify them on the command line:

a) use escape sequences:
	-b \[BOOT\]/Bootable_HardDisk.img

b) use quoting:
	-b "[BOOT]/Bootable_HardDisk.img"

Also read "man mkisofs" about the boot-related
options, especially -b, where

	If  the  boot image is not an image of a floppy, you need to add
	one of the options: -hard-disk-boot or  -no-emul-boot.   If  the
	system should not boot off the emulated disk, use -no-boot.

is mentioned. Maybe consider using -G instead of -b?

> Strange thing also is the fact that the original iso has the size of 
> ~17MB, but the created iso by me is ~10MB. So it seems I'm missing some 
> files.

You can mount the ISO you've generated and look inside
to find out which files may be missing, or if there are
differences in file sizes.

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