SSH Access To Live CD? (Was Re: FBSD-9.0-RC3 Disk 1 ISO Bootable?)

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Fri Jan 6 21:54:36 UTC 2012

Здравствуйте, Drew.

Вы писали 6 января 2012 г., 23:44:28:

DT> On 1/6/2012 12:07 PM, Al Plant wrote:
>> perryh at wrote:
>>> Al Plant <noc at> wrote:
>>>> I accessed the sshd from the new install screen as an option when
>>>> I loaded it on the test box. I had to set up the lan manually to
>>>> first get it up. Then you should be able to use ssh.
>>> I take it you either arranged for ssh to accept a direct root login,
>>> or added a non-root username.  Does the new installer do one of
>>> these automatically, or is there more manual configuration involved?
>> BSD Installer asks if you want to install sshd and click yes. Later 
>> you can go to another box on the lan and use the user account to ssh 
>> into the new box and su to root. This feature has been on the installs 
>> for a while. I used it on sysinstall on 7.*.

DT> OK, so you didn't actually install remotely via ssh.  You installed 
DT> locally and let the installer configure sshd for your new install and it
DT> was available after you rebooted into your new install.

DT> I'd like to actually be able to install via ssh.  Basically I'd like ssh
DT> access to the Live CD so I could partition my drives for zfs prior to 
DT> installing.  And I'd like to do it from a computer that's connected to
DT> the web so I can read and copy/paste examples.

DT> Cheers,

DT> Drew

mfsBSD - is interesting project, that allow you to install/ reinstall
system remotely!

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