SSH Access To Live CD? (Was Re: FBSD-9.0-RC3 Disk 1 ISO Bootable?)

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Fri Jan 6 21:49:49 UTC 2012

On 1/6/2012 12:07 PM, Al Plant wrote:
> perryh at wrote:
>> Al Plant <noc at> wrote:
>>> I accessed the sshd from the new install screen as an option when
>>> I loaded it on the test box. I had to set up the lan manually to
>>> first get it up. Then you should be able to use ssh.
>> I take it you either arranged for ssh to accept a direct root login,
>> or added a non-root username.  Does the new installer do one of
>> these automatically, or is there more manual configuration involved?
> BSD Installer asks if you want to install sshd and click yes. Later 
> you can go to another box on the lan and use the user account to ssh 
> into the new box and su to root. This feature has been on the installs 
> for a while. I used it on sysinstall on 7.*.

OK, so you didn't actually install remotely via ssh.  You installed 
locally and let the installer configure sshd for your new install and it 
was available after you rebooted into your new install.

I'd like to actually be able to install via ssh.  Basically I'd like ssh 
access to the Live CD so I could partition my drives for zfs prior to 
installing.  And I'd like to do it from a computer that's connected to 
the web so I can read and copy/paste examples.



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