FreeBSD on kvm

Damien Fleuriot ml at
Fri Jan 6 11:50:47 UTC 2012

On 1/6/12 11:43 AM, Alessandro Baggi wrote:
> Hi list,
> i've a problem running freebsd as a guest on linux+kvm. The only problem
> is that sometimes, when I boot the system it dies and this happens also
> if I run the vm with and without -nographic option. Using the qemu GUI I
> can see the it stops on the boot loader menu after the countdown and the
> only mode to resume the system is reboot the vm. I've reduced the
> autoboot delay to 1 without no result.
> Someone know something about this problem?
> Thanks in advance.


This is exactly how to *not* ask a question.
Please take the time to read this very informative article:

For instance, you've omitted important information such as:

- linux version
- qemu version
- freebsd version
- freebsd error message when "it dies", if any
- KVM configuration options (disk mode and such)

We've been running FreeBSD 7 then 8 as a guest in Debian linux/KVM for
over 3 years now for our pre-production environment and are very happy
with it.

Please post some more details, that we might be able to actually help.

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