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Thu Jan 5 12:39:34 UTC 2012

On Thu, 5 Jan 2012 12:29:28 +0100
Polytropon wrote:

> Well, last time I tried to compile one of Firefox's
> recent versions from ports, it demanded to have
> access to X during the "make" stage. That was the
> point I decided _not_ to continue (as the system
> in question didn't have X). Maybe I did something
> wrong, maybe I should have dealt with building
> options more carefully.

You turned-on Profile-Guided Optimization, which is off by default.

>  But anyway, you type "make"
> and the intended web browser wants to access X?
> From within a UID=0 session? Hmmm...

.if defined(WITH_PGO)
   @${ECHO} "*****************************************************************"
   @${ECHO} "**************************** attention **************************"
   @${ECHO} "*****************************************************************"
   @${ECHO} "To build Firefox with PGO support you need a running X server and"
   @${ECHO} "   build this port with an user who could access the X server!   "
   @${ECHO} ""
   @${ECHO} "During the build a Firefox instance will start and run some test."
   @${ECHO} "      Do not interrupt or close Firefox during this tests!       "
   @${ECHO} "*****************************************************************"
   @sleep 10

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