8.2 fails to boot after install on Sun

James Edwards jedwards at bsdftw.org
Wed Jan 4 04:08:41 UTC 2012

On Tue, January 3, 2012 15:33, Miller, Leonard wrote:
> Hi,
> I have tried installing 8.2 Sparc on a Sun system multiple times, using
> different options, and each time I do, it takes me back to the initial
> options screen, where I have to exit the install, forcing it to halt.  I
> am never prompted to install a boot manager or anything else.  I always
> get through the install process, installing packages, adding users,
> network settings, etc.

Your install experience sounds normal and successful.  When you are
finished and exit the installer, it should take you to the openboot
prompt.  All you *should* need to do is type in 'boot', the system will
reboot and boot to disk.

You don't need to worry about a boot manager as multibooting isn't
supported on this platform.

> When I power cycle the machine and change the boot settings back to
> defaults, it fails to boot.

If it fails to boot, I'm assuming it is stopping at the OpenBoot prompt? 
Can you elaborate further?

What happens when you type 'boot disk' at the openboot prompt?  If it
boots, auto-boot may not be set correctly, which can be rectified by
'setenv auto-boot? true' at the openboot prompt.

If that does not work, what is the output of 'printenv' - specifically
what is 'boot-device' set to?

Also, some further reading on installing FreeBSD on sparc64:
-and for more detail-

Hope this helps,

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