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Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Tue Jan 3 14:06:57 UTC 2012

On 01/03/12 22:12, Walter Alejandro Iglesias wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 03, 2012 at 04:41:10PM +1000, Da Rock wrote:
>> New users are nearly always dismayed at the apparent difficulty of
>> things, and should be warned that they will need to do some work "under
>> the hood" in order to get what they want. The honesty can start
>> immediately, it doesn't necessarily have to be a goal.
> When people think in freedom, think in rights.  And rights are
> something that some "authority" give or steal.
> Multinationals think in what is good to sell.  People like
> "comfort" over all.  The taste of people is fantastically
> represented in the Wall-E movie; to "arise and walk" is not
> considered a right.  Futurist?, my father, thirty years ago, to
> go to the corner to buy cigarettes, took the car; today he has
> half body paralyzed by an hemiplegia, and perhaps one day to
> arise and walk will not be a right for him.
> Let's avoid talking about non trivial tasks like hacking a
> kernel; for example, to copy or move a file you are free to
> choose between drag and drop with your mouse in a graphical file
> manager and open a console and use the command line, even in MS
> Windows.  My wife, in case crash, she reboot the
> machine.  She ignores if an usb memory is filled up with hidden
> files used by Mac OS X; she ignores that files copied from a fat
> file system have executable flag on so she could resend an
> infected jpeg in an email to a MS Windows user customer.
> Furthermore she is not a good example of the average final user,
> because the machine for her (she is a graphical designer) is a
> tool, not a toy.
> The question is which immoral entity is stealing her rights?
That is the point after all. Rights are in the eye of the beholder... I 
personally prefer the ability to accomplish what I want with a stable 
system. Others may not.

To do either requires a relinquishment of some other rights, but I would 
like to see less rights having to be relinquished in order to achieve my 
own freedom, and I work towards that for myself and others. If less 
rights had to be relinquished, others may rally to this flag as well.
> In an emacs mailing list I told Stallman that to teach people to
> be free is a contradiction.  He called me "defeatist".

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