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Walter Alejandro Iglesias roquesor at
Tue Jan 3 12:12:17 UTC 2012

On Tue, Jan 03, 2012 at 04:41:10PM +1000, Da Rock wrote:
> New users are nearly always dismayed at the apparent difficulty of 
> things, and should be warned that they will need to do some work "under 
> the hood" in order to get what they want. The honesty can start 
> immediately, it doesn't necessarily have to be a goal.

When people think in freedom, think in rights.  And rights are
something that some "authority" give or steal.

Multinationals think in what is good to sell.  People like
"comfort" over all.  The taste of people is fantastically
represented in the Wall-E movie; to "arise and walk" is not
considered a right.  Futurist?, my father, thirty years ago, to
go to the corner to buy cigarettes, took the car; today he has
half body paralyzed by an hemiplegia, and perhaps one day to
arise and walk will not be a right for him.

Let's avoid talking about non trivial tasks like hacking a
kernel; for example, to copy or move a file you are free to
choose between drag and drop with your mouse in a graphical file
manager and open a console and use the command line, even in MS
Windows.  My wife, in case crash, she reboot the
machine.  She ignores if an usb memory is filled up with hidden
files used by Mac OS X; she ignores that files copied from a fat
file system have executable flag on so she could resend an
infected jpeg in an email to a MS Windows user customer.

Furthermore she is not a good example of the average final user,
because the machine for her (she is a graphical designer) is a
tool, not a toy. 

The question is which immoral entity is stealing her rights?

In an emacs mailing list I told Stallman that to teach people to
be free is a contradiction.  He called me "defeatist".


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