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Tue Feb 28 16:18:25 UTC 2012

On Tue, 28 Feb 2012 11:13:41 +0530, shanib.k.k wrote:
> As am entirely fresh to FreeBSD i would like to know more about 
> how can configure or install it.

The basic documentation on how to install and configure
the system can be found in The FreeBSD Handbook and the
FAQ available from the main web site of the project.

Also PC-BSD is worth checking out. If you come from a
"Windows" background and have experiences with Ubuntu
Linux, this should look and feel familiar.

But as a developer, you should not have _any_ problems
getting started with a pure FreeBSD installation that
will then fit your requirements (e. g. a development
environment workstation, a test server, or a mixed
form of both).

> Am using Windows OS in my personal system.How  can i install FreeBSD in 
> my local system and do a try before configuring in main server directly...

You can use the typical means of virtualization that are
possible inside a "Windows" installation. Emulate "a full
PC" and install the system to it.

For easily trying out a configured system I recommend
having a look at VirtualBSD.

It can easily be used without installation in a VirtualBox
environment which should even be possible in "Windows".

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