Help! Firefox + acroread costs me $$$$

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Wed Dec 12 01:16:20 UTC 2012

This problem has been annoying me for some time now, but until now
it was never really an issue that I could not easily work-around.

I was just trying to download a PDF document off of the Pacer[tm]
federal courts web site.  These are not free.  They cost ten cents
per page.  I tried to download a 29 page document and it downloaded
into firefox just fine and then was displayed in a new firefox tab
which was apparently using acroread8 to display the document.

I know from past experience that acroreadN runs like crap on FreeBSD...
often using up enormous amounts of CPU % for no apparently good reason.
But this time it really got my goat.  I clicked on the little acroread
icon for printing the current document, a pop-up dialog box for printing
came up, but before I could hit the print button on that, everything
relating to firefox... all open tabs and all open windows... froze up

Now, having wasted three bucks for no good reason (and STILL not having
a hardcopy of the document I wanted), I am motivated to finally get this
sorted out.

So, on FreeBSD, how does one get firefox and/or opera to use, for example,
evince or some other PDF displayer instead of using this goddamn lousey
buggy *&^%$#@ acroread ?

Or do I have to fire up my Windows machine, just to print out a lousey

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