Apache FCGI in a a jail under FBSD 9 won't start due to shared memory creation error

Chad Leigh Shire.Net LLC chad at shire.net
Sat Aug 11 20:10:40 UTC 2012

On Aug 9, 2012, at 9:41 AM, Fbsd8 wrote:

> Chad Leigh Shire.Net LLC wrote:
>> On Aug 7, 2012, at 10:31 AM, Mark Felder wrote:
>>> jail_sysvipc_allow="YES" in rc.conf should do it.
>> Hmm
>> I added that and rebooted the jail host system. However, the setting in sysctl security.jail.sysvipc_allowed  is still 0 after the reboot
>> # sysctl -a | grep sysvipc
>> security.jail.param.allow.sysvipc: 0
>> security.jail.sysvipc_allowed: 0
>> #
>> I can set security.jail.sysvipc_allowed to 1 manually.  However, even after doing that, the original fcgi problem happens when starting apache2.2 with mod_fcgid in the configuration and being loaded
>> [Tue Aug 07 13:09:12 2012] [emerg] (78)Function not implemented: mod_fcgid: Can't create shared memory for size 1192488 bytes
>> Thanks!
>> Chad
> Since you manually installed apache22 and mod_fcgid from up-stream sources maybe you missed something. As a test create another jail and install the package versions of apache22 and mod_fcgid and see if that will start ok. If it does them you know you missed something in your hand job version.


Thanks for the suggestion.  I don't think, however, that anything is missing with my from-source compilations. I have been running self-compiled apaches for 15 years and have also done mod_fcgid in the past as well without issue (but not inside a jail).  I don't think it is a matter of sw missing, but of system parameters or similar.'


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