Linux-firefox does not start

Jeff Tipton jeff.t at
Thu Aug 9 08:38:25 UTC 2012

On 08/09/2012 11:02, Manish Jain wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed www/linux-firefox from ports (FreeBSD 8.2/amd64). The 
> first time it ran, it did some checks. During this time there was an 
> unexpected power loss. Since then whenever I try to start 
> linux-firefox, I get the error message "An instance of firefox is 
> already. Close it or restart your system". But no solution works. I 
> even did a 'make deinstall' followed by 'make install clean' a couple 
> of times. All of no avail.
> Can anyone please point out what I need to do to get linux-firefox to 
> start ?
> Thank you &
If firefox is really running, you may try killing it. To see if it's 
running, as root:
ps aux |grep firefox

One way of killing it (a "dirty one"):
killall firefox

OR look up the PID number for firefox (the first number from the left) 
that the above ps command shows you and

kill <PID-number-of-firefox>

Still struggling with getting Flash to work and that's why you installed 
linux-firefox instead of the native one? Sorry I didn't tell you last 
time more specifics than just following the Handbook, I thought it was 
detailed enough. How did you install the linux layer? Do you have linux 
kernel module loaded and the linproc filesystem mounted?


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