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On 07/08/2012 14:05, Iqbal Aroussi wrote:
> Can you please give some hints on configuring Openresolv on FreeBSD-9
> My server is configured with DHCP, but I want to change the nameservers in
> /etc/resolv.conf to use mein.

I'm not sure that Openresolv is necessarily the right thing to use.

This is how you would override the resolvers handed out to you by a DHCP
server using dhclient.  Edit the file /etc/dhclient.conf and add lines
like so:

interface "em0" {
   supersede domain-name-serves,;

Obviously, substitute the correct interface name and the IP numbers of
your own DNS servers.  There's also 'prepend' instead of 'supersede,'
which allows you to stick your nameservers in as the preferred choice,
but still keep the original ones as a fallback.  See dhclient.conf(5).

This assumes you've only got the one ethernet interface being configured
by DHCP, and that you always want to use your own nameservers
irrespective of what network you're connecting to.



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