Printing using CUPS

Carmel carmel_ny at
Fri Sep 30 20:57:18 UTC 2011

I am in the process of setting up a Brother MFC-9560CDW printer on a
FreeBSD-8.2 amd64 machine. It is a network printer and works fine with
the Windows machines on the network. Not so much with the FreeBSD

CUPS detects the printer:

Description:	Brother MFC-9560CDW
Location:	Local Printer
Driver:	Brother MFC-9560CDW CUPS (color, 2-sided printing)
Connection:	lpd://BRW0022587025CB/BINARY_P1
Defaults:	job-sheets=none, none media=na_letter_8.5x11in sides=one-sided

However, the connection does not work correctly. I changed it
to:lpd:// and I can print a "self text page"
from CUPS. However, I cannot print a "test page" from within CUPS, nor
can I print anything from any other application.

I have perused the log files without any success. This limited printing
has got me totally baffled. I am open to suggestions as to what to try

If there are any CUPS experts out there, please feel free to contact me
off-list if you prefer.

Carmel ✌
carmel_ny at

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