libgcrypt SHA256 mismatch?

Lars Eighner lars at
Thu Sep 29 18:05:25 UTC 2011

On Thu, 29 Sep 2011, Kurt Buff wrote:

>> The source file is being truncated because fetch loses its connection for
>> one reason or another.  Many servers now cut you off if you are at dial-up
>> speeds because "net fairness" means broadband users always go to the front
>> of the line.
>> You can make a shell script to fetch the file and keep running it until you
>> finally get the whole file a piece at a time or you can try ftp.  When you
>> have the whole source file (check it against distinfo) place it in
>> /usr/ports/distfiles. Things should go fine.
>> "Checksum mismatch" nearly always means a truncated file.  I cannot ever
>> remember seeing it otherwise.  Do not override it with NO_CHECKSUM.  That
>> will be useless with a truncated file and worse than useless if a security
>> port really has been tampered with.
> Interesting. I found out what the problem is, but haven't figured out
> how to work around it.
> As a test, I put the URL
> (
> into a web browser, and found that it's being blocked by our web
> filter, because the site is marked as also serving adult content.

This is absurd unless there is an extremely low bar for "adult content" such
as mention of evolution.  It's a wonder you can receive email from me.

> The supposed tarball in /usr/ports/distfiles is the response from the web
> filter, so it's junk.
> After repeated fetches, that is the only site my machine is using to
> grab the tarball. How to I tell the machine to vary its download sites
> (if indeed there are alternatives?)
> In the Makefile I see the line

find the GNUPG master sites in /usr/ports/Mk/  Search on GNUPG
to find the list of pertinent sites.

You can move to a empty work directory.  Create a shell script to fetch the

I use

fetch -raR <URL of file>

The url of the file is the master site with the subdirectory filled in
according the Makefile of the port and the file name (find the exact right
one in distinfo of the port.  Give your script executable permissions and
run it.

If it seems to work, check sha265 and length of file against distinfo for
the port.  If you have repeated problems with one site, just substitute the
next site in you script.

When you have all of the right file, move it to /usr/ports/distfiles.

> which I'd bet controls how it finds what sites to visit, but don't
> know anything beyond that.
> Thanks,
> Kurt
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