Volume control in mplayer resetting 50% when starting / stopping video clips

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Thu Sep 29 04:23:29 UTC 2011

Since I've installed OS v8.2 (STABLE of late August), mplayer
has developed an annoying habit: It "accidentally" resets its
volume settings.

I have the following configuration: The "vol" (master) channel
of the mixer is controlled by the volume keys on the top right
of my keyboard (Sun Type 7 USB) by issuing "mixer vol +5",
"mixer vol -5" and "mixer vol 0" respectively. Worked for
many years.

When I use the keys 9 and 0 in mplayer, they _should_ modify
the volume of the "pcm" channel - at least they did this in
the previous mplayer 0.9something version I've been using many
years on on OS v7.

They do - as it seems - now too, but: when I move within
the movie clip, they reset to some 50% value.

Example: I set the volume slider to this value:


Now I press the left or right arrow key, or the space bar
twice, then the volume gets up to the 50% value:



Does anyone know a solution for this?

I'm using mplayer-1.0.r20110329_3 compiled from ports.

Audio driver is:
	pcm0: <HDA VIA VT1708_8 PCM #0 Analog> (play/rec) default
	pcm1: <HDA VIA VT1708_8 PCM #1 Analog> (rec)
	pcm2: <HDA VIA VT1708_8 PCM #2 Digital> (play)

Strangest thing: I can see values change in the output of
the "mixer" command when changing the "vol" volume, but
not if I change the volume from inside mplayer.

NB: The _difference_ between "pcm" and "vol" is known to me.
I _intendedly_ use different setting mechanisms, i. e. "vol"
defines the maximum output level transmitted to the amplifier,
and "pcm" can be used to change the volume within the range
from zero up that "preset master value". I know that it's
possible to have the 9/0 keys change the "vol" (master)
channel, but that's not intended - nor does it seem to be
a solution here.

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