'man' wrong show

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Здравствуйте, Thomas.

Вы писали 25 сентября 2011 г., 15:40:09:

TD> On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 02:19:22PM +0300, Êîíüêîâ Åâãåíèé wrote:
>> Hi.
>> When I rum 'man' it show info like:
>> 1mNAME0m
>>      1mhostapd 22m-- authenticator for IEEE 802.11 networks
>>      1mhostapd 22m[1m-BdhKtv22m] [1m-P 4m22mpidfile24m] 4mconfig-file24m 4m...0m
>>      The 1mhostapd 22mutility is an authenticator for IEEE 802.11 networks.  It
>> can you help me, why it shows wrong?

TD> man grotty claims that setting the GROFF_NO_SGR environment variable
TD> fixes this (I've been using it ever since the misfeature was added
TD> to groff).

I just have rebuild, reinstall the world and it helps

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