autologin on default shell /bin/sh

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Sun Sep 25 15:16:18 UTC 2011

Dear folks,

I have several FreeBSD boxes three 8.2 amd 64 with autologin working
fine but with bash shell, /usr/local/bin/bash.  I have used bits &
pieces from several places and thanks to kind folks like Polytropon
and others(hope I don't offend anyone), I was able to login
automatically and startx as well from ~/.bash_login file.


    How to make some user login automatically?

        Add to the /etc/gettytab file the following strings:


        test:\ - entry name, autologin will use this username;
        al=test - autologin username;
        ht - terminal has real tabs;
        np - 8-bit chars;
        (optional) sp#115200 - line speed;

        Edit /etc/ttys file:

        ttyv0   "/usr/libexec/getty test"         cons25 on  secure

        Usual Pc changed with test.


and a .bash_login file

[olivares at quadcore ~]$ cat .bash_login
if test ! -f /tmp/.X0-lock; then

that runs startx automagically.

I have a 9.0 BETA 2 amd64 machine and I am using /bin/sh shell or
default shell when one installs FreeBSD.  I want to be able to setup
autologin and automatic startx as well like I have on the other

I tried to edit ~/.cshrc and copied W Block's example, but it did not work

How can I get it without using bash?  Do I need to create a
~/.csh_login file and add the code to startx?
I have tried to add to ~/.cshrc the code:

if [ `/usr/bin/tty` = '/dev/ttyv0' ]; then

and it does not work.
As always, thanks for any pointers to solve this problem.  I will get
to the machine tomorrow at work, but I want to try some options and
then report back which option/options helped solve the problem.



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