9.0 bsdinstall usage

David Romano unobe at cpan.org
Fri Sep 23 16:59:57 UTC 2011

On 09/23/2011 09:01, Daniel Staal wrote:
> On the other hand, that makes it harder for someone to look at the program
> to see what it does, in order to build or rebuild their own installer, or
> to customize the actions of this one.
> I don't see a cost to keeping the program around.  There are probably some
> slight use cases for it, and there are some slight costs to removing it.
> It doesn't have to be everything to everybody: It can be itself, nothing
> more and nothing less.
> I guess I just don't see the problem with keeping it.
I agree. If we're concerned about someone running the program again by 
accident then the following can be placed at the end of bsdinstall/auto:
     chmod -x /usr/sbin/bsdinstall

The man page then can specify that the executable bit is off by default, 
why it is off by default, and possibly specify the command to turn it on 

- David

David Romano .:. unobe at cpan.org

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